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The Eloquent Wife

The Eloquent Wife® is a Christian based Ministry founded by Gloria Warren to help Millennial wives discover the beauty within their marriages (again) - by overcoming struggles, strongholds, and fears through the Word of God. Crossing international barriers by reaching women in over 50 countries - resonating with many wives who are in desperate need of a word from God, encouragement, and help concerning their marriage.

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What wives are saying
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Thank you for your powerful wisdom. By forgiving and doing my womanly duties and praying always, it's keeping the past under my feet. I am looking forward for the best.

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Am grateful to God for finding this platform (Eloquent Wife). It has helped my marriage tremendously
..I am no more a nagging ungrateful wife...Hallelujah!

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Am thanking God for lifting me out of my deep sorrow. Once I felt doomed, but I am grateful to God Almighty for being with me in my dark times. Today I am elevating!

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